Monogram Me-262 modified
Model by Bruce Craig

Photos by Bruce Craig

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Messerschmitt Me-262 V3 right front view

I like to make models of prototypes. The taildragger Me-262 caught my eye on a Wings broadcast about the early German jets. I watched the video and took notes, then used the Monogram 1/48th kit as a base for the V3 (prototype number 3) which was purportedly the first of the 262s to fly under jet power. Since I am not aware of any color photos of this plane, I had to "guess" that the colors were the usual camo blue-greens. I matched the scheme as closely as I could from the notes I took.

Messerschmitt Me-262 V3 right rear view

I modified the main gear wells by moving them forward 14 scale inches, added the tail well, and the tailwheel is the nose gear from the DS Falcon 10 I used to make the Lockheed L-1271. Also, I modified the tail/rudder and straightened the leading edges of the wings between engine pods and fuselage to match the prototype. But, since I'm not perfect (Who said that?), I missed the "flat" canopy of the V3, and, although the V3 had no guns then, it has them now.

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