Harold Offield's Grandchildren with their Model Trophies

Photo by Harold Offield
Photo copyright 1999 by Harold Offield -- Used by permission
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Two of Harold Offield's grandchildren with their model trophies

Two of Harold Offield's grandchildren with their model trophies.
Harold says: "Their names are Tawni (6) and Anthony (7). That is, at the time of the photo. Now 7 and 8.These were their first models. I gave them a pick of models that were mostly scrappers, He picked the Testors Phony Mig, and she picked out the old Linderg F-94C. I let them use any color and decals they wanted. Not exactly authentic. It was a summer project, to get them away from the cartoons on T.V. It was really cute to watch them sanding and gluing. They used one of my Clone air brushes. That was the best part for them. I took them to a contest in the Bay area where they won these awards. The best part for me, to see their eyes light up when they were called up to recieve their awards. 'Grandkids proud of their models, Grandpa proud of the Grandkids'"
This is the way to get kids started in modeling!

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