YRF-84F Thunderflash Second Prototype

YRF-84F -- "154" -- SN 51-1828
Photo courtesy of Bob Young

Although this photograph is captioned, "Dryden Flight Research Center E-13197 Photographed 1965 / RF-84-F aircraft. NASA Photo", it is in fact the second prototype RF-84F, correctly designated as YRF-84F. Note the Thunderjet style canopy with braces, the RF production shaped nose, the single ventral speed brake, and the flight probe. According to McLaren, Republic F-84, a Photo Chronicle, NACA used this aircraft for pitch-up evaluation tests during the period from 27 April, 1954 to 29 October, 1956. These dates do not explain why the photo is captioned as a NASA photo taken in 1965. And additional mystery is evident when visiting Dryden's web site. They have this photo under both RF-84F and YRF-84F, with the RF-84F stating the photo was taken in 1965, and the YRF-84F page stating the photo was taken in 1954, and that "The NACA High-Speed Flight Research Station obtained this aircraft in 1954, using it for pilot proficiency flights until 1955"! I've concluded the "caption" on the photo is wrong, and that it was actually taken in 1955.

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