F-84G Thunderjet

This page compares the cockpits in the F-84G 48th scale Tamiya kit, the Cutting Edge resin detail set, and the Aires mixed media detail set. In the photo, left to right are Tamiya kit cockpit, Aires resin cockpit, and Cutting Edge resin cockpit.

Compare three cockpit parts

The Tamiya kit cockpit has a reasonable amount of detail for an injection molded kit. However, the details, particularly for the side consoles, though generally accurate, are not as complete as the details in either of the two detail sets. The Aires cockpit is more detailed than the kit part, and in particular, the fuse panel on the lower right side is amazingly representative of the panel as shown in Republic drawings. Unfortunately, that accuracy does not follow to the consoles themselves, as they are not as accurate or finely made as those on the Cutting Edge part. The Cutting Edge cockpit is well detailed and quite accurate when compared to Republic's drawings. Although the left console changed at block 20, the changes are so subtle as to be inconsequential for the purposes of modeling; therefore, the Cutting Edge console details are a very good representation of the real airplane. The Cutting Edge part also includes hydraulic lines and hand pump details which are missing from the other two parts, nor is any of this detail supplied with the Tamiya kit. On the other hand, the ejection seat rails are molded as part of the cockpit but are not sloped correctly to fit the seat. Note that the panel aft of the cockpit is detailed differently on the Cutting Edge part than on the other two (which are nearly identical). I do not have any documentation which shows this panel, so am unable to comment on which one is right.


After comparing the cockpits, I conclude that the Cutting Edge cockpit is the best replacement for the Tamiya part, and at the time of this writting, most accurately represents the real aircraft. However, since the ejection seat rails are not sloped correctly, and since I conclude that the Aires detail set seat is better, I recommend removing the ejection seat rails and using the Aires seat. Also, if you use the Cutting Edge cockpit, then use their aft-cockpit panel also.

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