F-84 Drawing from Joe Vincent

Drawing of F-84 aircraft details by Joe Vincent. Caption by Joe Vincent. Used by permission.

Drawing of 31st FEW logo on fuselage of F-84G

Trace of the 308th Fighter Escort Squadron's emblem, "Aces Wired," by Joe Vincent. The tracing was made and notes taken at Albert F. Simpson Research Center, Maxwell AFB, in 1975. Notes are:

Colors (of logo) unknown. Dark background appears to be dark blue or black, cards and banner white.

307th -- red markings
308th -- yellow markings
309th -- blue markings

307th 51-1024 FS-024-A had double red band around fuselage for Sq.Co. bird.
308th FS-807 (f1-1807) had single band around fuselage for Flt. Cr.
308th FS-851 (51-1851) same as above, Lt. Maj. Stone.
309th F-84G 51-745 FS-745-A, Plt: 1/Lt. W.G. Nooser, Cc: T/Sgt. H.A. Riley.

All horzontal stabs had colored shafts too!

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