F-84 Photos from Joe Vincent

Photos of F-84 aircraft by, or from the collection of, Joe Vincent. Captions by Joe Vincent. Used by permission.

F-84G FS-325

Color photo of FS-325. The final answer to the color issue on the ProModeler decals for the 31st bird. You can definitely see the tail band is very dark blue while the SAC band is more medium blue. I saw the Revell-Mongram guys at the Santa Clara Nationals and offered to send them copies of this stuff hoping they would do a 31st airplane. I don't know if they used the stuff I sent or a different copy (it's a USAF slide), but it still got done. The only thing they missed is the "name block" under the canopy. It's hardly visible in this photo, but you can really see it on FS-307 in photo #1. All the squadrons had the same style markings, just different colors. Collection of David Menard via Joe Vincent.

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