DECALS POLAND 48001 and 48002
F-84 Thunderjet

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These two decal sheets by Decals Poland are for 1/48th scale Thunderjets. The sheets were provided to me for review courtesy of Jason Floyd.


These decal sheets have numbers and some decorative livery for Yugolsav-service F-84G aircraft. National insignia is not included. I did not use these decals, but they appear to be of reasonable quality.

Decals Poland F-84G Decal Sheet 48001 Decals Poland F-84G Decal Sheet 48002

Decals Poland sheet numbers 48001 and 48002 for 1/48th scale F-84G Thunderjet.

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I do not have pricing for these Decals Poland Yugoslav-service Thuderjets sheets. Other sheets are needed in order to complete the Yugoslav markings.

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